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  •  At the late summer/early fall coaches meeting, all coaches or representatives must be present to secure their position for the following year. Open positions will be filled by seniority in the league.

  •  Coaches may be dismissed or turned down for good cause by a majority vote of the Board. If a coach fails to comply with rules, board may dismiss them without any written notice. Coaches must be in good standing with other youth organizations. The board has the final decision.

  • All coaches must obtain Meghan’s Law Badge and concussion certification. click here


Duties of Head Coach


  •  Set a good example for the members of his/her team.

  •  Be responsible for the conduct of their team members while at games and practice in any school facility.

  •  Control of the spectators behind & across from their bench.

  •  Stress sportsmanship to team members at all times.

  •  Teach proper fundamentals of basketball to team members.

    a)   Fundamentals should be taught for the first 20-­‐30 minutes of each practice.

    b)   Fundamentals are defined as dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork (proper Stances, triple threat position), rebounding, court awareness (top

          of key, wings, Hi or Low Post, etc.)

  • Respect the Gentleman’s Agreement not to run up the score. There is no point rule for pressing. It is generally agreed upon, that between 15-­‐20 points should be a guide for coaches to stop.

  • Alert the board or email league if a player has missed 2 straight games.

  •  Attend coaches meetings and end of year award banquets.

  •  Promptly attend all games & practices, also help clean up or set up gym.

  •  Make parents aware of website usage & game/practice times.

  • Stay at Gym until all players on their team have a ride or way home. Do not leave players unattended at schools.
  • Coaches will refrain from berating referees, players or parents during games. Sportsmanship must be upheld during games and practice. Constant yelling at referees will not be tolerated. Please coach your team to the best of your Ability and allow the referees to call the games.

Field Status

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Far court (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

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Middle Court (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

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Front court (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

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Radix (12:46 PM | 12/03/19)

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Field 1 (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

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Oak Knoll (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

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Whitehall (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

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