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  •  Drafts will be scheduled and chaired by the league president/vice president or designated board member.


  • Coaches will draw numbers to determine their draft positions after evaluations are completed. Each coach will draft players according to the draft number he/she selected. Order of selection will be reversed for each succeeding round. (i.e., reverse order for rounds 2, 4, 6, etc.) Coaches are not permitted to trade draft pick numbers. Last round ends with the last player going to the #1 pick in the draft. Last round works backwards starting with team that would make the #1 pick get the last player.


  • Head coaches sons/daughters(relatives) drafting rule:


  • Son/Daughter are protected in draft onto father’s/mother’s team. Other players who are not technically son/daughter will be discussed by board prior to draft.


  • Son/Daughter will be evaluated during the pre-­‐season tryouts by the coaches in that division.


  • After evaluation is complete, it will be determined based on the evaluations of coaches which round of the draft the player will be picked in, based on all other players in the draft. If more than one son/daughter on same team, each player will be individually rated one at a time without parent present.


  • If son/daughter is evaluated to be a 1st round draft pick, then the coaches must choose the top half or bottom half of the round pick. Ex: 10 team division, is the player 1-­‐5 or 6-­‐10. This will determine what group of numbers the coach will pick from.


  • Brothers or sisters eligible for the draft are placed on the team with their brother/sister providing they are in same division. Each sibling needs to be evaluated separately by the coaches in that division and the board.

    Assistant coach’s children are NOT automatically protected.


  • Only head coaches are allowed in draft room unless assistant coach has no attachment to a child in that division.


  • A post draft meeting will be held at which time trades may be made with the approval of all other coaches in that division and person overseeing draft.


  • No special requests by parents for placement on a specific team will be honored.


  • Requests by parents to exclude a particular coach must be provided in writing to the league board of directors for approval.


  • Once the first day of tryout takes place, there will be no refund given to any player that decides not to play whatever the reason may be. If a player is injured prior to start of season and will be out for the entire season, the board may discuss a credit. Player must present a doctor’s note stating they will not be able to play entire season.


  • Players must attend a tryout or will not be drafted on a team & will not be eligible for a refund.


  • Once a player is drafted on an in-­‐town team, they may not choose to play travel only. A player choosing to do so will not be eligible to play for the travel team.


  • There will be no players added after draft takes place unless a team is down to 4 players and then a person off the waiting list may be added with the approval of the board.

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