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MTYB Travel Basketball players are held accountable for representing positive images in everything they do in school, in the community, and on the court. It's a privilege to be chosen, not a right and requires a higher standard of responsibility & commitment. Travel programs consist of Boys 4th-8th grades played within the South Jersey Boys Basketball league; Girls: 5/6th grades and 7/8th grades played within the Inter County Basketball League.

Head Coaches

4th Grade- Nick Weeks
5th Grade-  Duane Ford
6th Grade-  George Young
7th Grade-  George Appenzeller
8th Grade-  Andrew Gaudio

5/6th Grade- Andrew Smith
7/8th Grade-  Scott Eubanks

2023-24 Travel Teams

  1. Travel teams are provided for players and coaches to participate in more competitive leagues.


    • M.T.Y.B. provides for 4th,5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Boys and 5/6th ,7/8th grade Girls travel teams provided that there are enough players to field a competitive team.


    • These teams will have cuts, a number of 10 players on a team unless of special circumstance approved by the board. The 10 players must have a primary residence of Monroe Twp. Primary residence is where the player lives and attends school. No child living outside of Monroe Twp. May participate on a travel team.


    • Full uniforms will be provided for the teams with payment from player’s parents/guardians.


    • These teams will travel to play other travel teams within the South Jersey Basketball League or ICBL.


    • Male players must play for their individual grade levels unless the board does not offer that individual grade level team and then with the board’s decision, can try out for the next grade level but never the grade below. No 3rd graders can try out for the 4th grade team unless there are not enough 4th graders to field a team.


    • Girl Teams have 2 divisions being 5/6 & 7/8 unless numbers allow for individual grades. 4th grade girls may have a team as long as they have 10 competitive players. Girls must play in their own grade levels.


    • All players must be present at one of the travel tryouts to qualify to be considered being chosen on the team.


    • Players are only eligible to play one year at each school grade level (special circumstance is up for board approval).


    • If a travel player is thrown out of a travel game, whether it is assigned or an extra tournament game, they will be suspended for the next game.

Travel Opening Day 2021-22

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Field Status

Closed Closed

WMS (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

5/6 (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

7/8 (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

WHS (01:28 PM | 11/13/19)

Closed Closed

Far court (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

Middle Court (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

Front court (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

Radix (12:46 PM | 12/03/19)

Closed Closed

Field 1 (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

Oak Knoll (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Closed Closed

Whitehall (01:19 PM | 04/16/20)

Open Open

Holly Glen (08:09 AM | 12/12/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (08:09 AM | 12/12/21)